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Tableau de bord STACK ST8100 0-6-13000

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  • Tableau de bord STACK ST8100 0-6-13000

 STACK ST8100 Race/Rally Dash Display, 0-6-13000 - Competition

Includes pressure sensors.

SPECIAL Competition


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STACK ST8100 Race/Rally Dash Display

The Stack ST8100 Dash Display combines 6 essential gauges in 1 compact, lightweight carbon alloy module: tachometer, oil pressure gauge, fuel pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge and voltmeter. Provides a max of information to the driver or co-driver while taking up as little space as possible! Ultra bright, built-in programmable LED shift light and intelligent alarm system. Includes a peak value recall facility (maximum RPMs, temperature, minimum temperature, etc). Customised alerts. Supplied with sensors, wiring, connectors, switch to access menu, and manual.
Applications: Race, rally
Number of inputs: 8
Rev range: 0-6-13000 RPM
Colour: Black
Display includes: Tachometer, oil pressure, fuel pressure, water temperature,oil temperature and battery voltage.
Sold separately: Speedometer (ref 726ST670), Sequential shiftlight (ref 726ST539), Lap timing (ref 726ST546)

Parts. : 726ST8100C

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